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shows us california's hi tech grapes - how science can achieve perfection in a glass. i'm phil torres. i'm an entermologist and i'll show you the spiders i found in peru. and how scent affects jaguars. that's the team, let's do some science. hey, guys, welcome to a fun week of science in the field. kyle, what is happening to the bee, how can we save them? >> bee populations are diminishing around the country. i wanted to find out why. i travelled to the heartland of america to find innovative ways to find technology to save the bees. late summer in barrett minnesota it is usually buzzing with activity. i think we are ready to walk down to the beehives. >> the midwest is known for the commercial bee industry. we have empty boxes not filled with honey. nothing. >> bee kooepers are witnessing an alarming problem. how many bees are we losing? >> the losses are avt ron omic am. i lost 65% of my operation last winter. we look in the ground to see if there's dead bees on the ground. most people in the u.s. would be happy staying away from the honey bee. >> they are critically important to the u
it to believe it! the science project stopping traffic on a busy bay area street. ,,,,,, with business. transformation of oakland's huttered army base >>> an area of oakland's waterfront may be abandoned now but it will soon be bustling with business. transformation of oakland's long closed army base is now under way. it's been closed since '99. it will sit just west of the nimitz freeway between grand avenue and 7th street. da lin on the project that's expected to bring thousands of jobs to the bay area. >>> reporter: this former army base will be the site of the biggest construction project in oakland in decades. $500million in the first phase. the city will transform these abandoned structures into large warehouses for the port of oakland. the fifth busiest u.s. port has been losing its grip to rival ports down in long beach and l.a. >> it's going to give oakland the ability to draw cargo that would otherwise go through other gate ways. >> reporter: port officials say this project known as oakland global will make importing and exporting more efficient, thus allowing bigger ships an
that life sciences. they will share information about the open data and transportation by sharing experience in the districts with coordinates. they'll share information electric vehicles, electric programs and both will share information an develop different programs. they'll actively support the airports innovations between the san francisco and other international airports. i would like to offer my sincere thanks to the board members (calling names) without they're hard work and dedication none t of this would be possible. and thanks to those folks (calling names) and his team for their continued support. our team looks forward to constantly gaenl for many years to come. thank you (clapping) >> well, that committee has been busy so, please join us for the mayor signing the m l u. >>. (clappin (clapping). >> now will you please join our mayors and delegation we invite you to join us for the reception and we'll all look forward to going to barring also known as
their hands on science or take the family i tisiphone to honor the day of the dead. >> the center cisco symphony marks the day of the dead with the sixth annual concert celebrating like to know music and culture. a rock and 1:00 p.m. for a pre concert festivities in the davies symphony hall lobbies including refreshments, children's activities and colorful displays. >> the sentences pacific bell the dead is this saturday at 2:00 p.m. and arrive early at 1:00 p.m. for pre concert festival. >> the 18th annual dia de los muertos festival, is at fruitvalle transit village in oakland is where you can celebrate the day of the dead in the east bay. this free family friendly bid is full of food entertainment and culture check it out this saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. >> the at&t park will become a science wonderland when the bay area size festival concludes again with this free science as oregon on saturday. last year more than 30,000 people enjoyed a nonstop program chocked full of interactive exhibits an experiment games and shows, all meant to entertain an inspired. with more than 150
in your dish, and focused down to your ears. >> that's the science of the exhibit. very fun science. >> pretty incredible how simplicity can be so powerful. >> this is so call i want this in my house. >> i feel like you're in an opera house in surround sound. >> since and art can mix and it hopes through it people will, too. . >> thank you, thank you, i will. an invitation for people to play and not act in a normal way. >> not that you need anything special on market street to see that happen. >> got to love san fransisco. >> yes, i do love san fransisco. >> reporter: more exhibits are due in the next few weeks. mike sugarman kpix 5. >> i want one of those things for my head so i can hear my wife when she talks to me. [ laughter ]. >> no excuses then. you can't say i didn't hear you. >> that was just a whisper. hi, ken. no i can't do. [ whispering ]. >> what if we whispered the forecast. >>> weathertime, coming up on 41 straight days of no rainfall. clear over sfo, clear on the radar. we have had snow this week in the sierra and one ski resort, the one that typically opens for, bore
's not enough high skilled workers with advance degrees, particularly in science technology, engineering and math mattic and agricultural jobs and hospitality jobs. we are a big tourism and agriculture state. they are having a hard time filling the positions. they need to harvest crops, things they need to keep businesses running and grow and expand and create jobs. they are having a hard time to do that. we don't have the labour that's qualified to do the jobs. without the labour it's a hurdle for the economy. >> how representative have republicans been in your state about? >> they understand the issues we face m one thing that is clear, especially on the trip to washington dc, that several business leaders from our area took this week, is the members of the delegation under the issue, that they understand it as well if maybe not better than some of our business leaders. but they are facing opposition in other areas that makes it difficult to proceed. they know what the right thing to do is. they want to move forward. it's a matter of how can we do that, coming to an agreement with all
to invest and the essential pillars of economic growth like education, workforce readiness, science, research and innovation. i believe there are significant savings that can be achieved in our health care system without compromising the quality of care, and in fact, improving the quality of care. and without slashing benefits that seniors have worked so hard for and earned. former secretary-treasurer he paul o'neill has estimated we can save $1 trillion per year without affecting health care outcomes by in acting smart, targeted health care delivery reforms. the institute of medicine estimated the number could be 750 billion dollars. no matter what the exact figure or proposal, these are impressive savings that would strengthen the nation's health- care system without shifting cost and burdens to seniors and states. these have the added benefit of improving quality, -- quality outcomes within the health-care system. so before we continue to obsessively but benefits on the table, i would hope to begin the dialogue about finding solutions that produce health-care cost savings. i am c
also achieved science fiction immortality with his pivotal roll in the star trek episode where no man has gone before. >> ah! >> the challenge of making movies, the joy of making a masterpiece. the iconic actors who starred in one of the greatest movies of all time tonight, "up late." ♪ >>> i work with the new york philharmonic, i'm on the board of the philharmonic, and they wanted to, this year, we talked about it a year ago, they wanted to do some motion picture-related music programs. like john mocherry would do, he's doing "gone with the wind" and so forth, john williams, "star wars," we talked to him about certain program that is come in that are packaged, like a package of hitchcock films with the score already written, like a preconceived package, but the key element to this package was how can we get allen gilbert, the music director of the philharmonic to want to conduct himself, which allen is pretty pure and wants to do the classic repertory. so they said, what film? i said, it will have to be a coopert film. and i said, probably 2001, and allen agreed. they showed 2001 a
or there is a, but the performance in the key subject areas. >> math and science, we can use some mathematicians. clearly in my children. my wife homeschools. we got them into music and immediately, all of their subjects got better. unfortunately, it means everything and one of the first things to go as the music program. -- is the music program. tavis: why did you choose to homeschool? >> we are church people. we are believers. we wanted to make sure that our .hildren were specially guided you don't get that in schools. good at it.ery i don't think it is for everybody. if you are not good, you can hire other people to help you do it. my boy, they told us he is going to struggle. in kindergarten. now he is in the engineering program at asu. my daughter is a high school student at community college. she homeschooled until she was 17. it has really paid off for us. they have a firm foundation. take me back and tell me how you started getting so proficient. >> i started out as an oboe player. i went to berkeley high school in berkeley, california. i went off to college. you know, i wanted to play r
. >> can science prevent concussions? >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it. ♪ >> if there's such a thing as product please. in music, you guys would have taken the award for that, one of the first big endorsement deals for hiphop artist >> that said it all. >> but how has it changed? how has corporate influence tag fido the years? >> we didn't do it to get an endorsement deal. we didn't even do it for the money. we were just rhyming about so much good things, we said, what can we do next? we rapped with rock and roll, and we did a rap about the sneakers that we love. and i think what happened is that that was the first time people saw the relationship of music entity could be huge as sports. it was the first time that a non-athletic entity was able to get a sneaker endorsement. the problem was this. we did it. it was good and sincere, and it wasn't even about the deal. nowadays, people will search for the deal first, someone not be responsible with the music they put out. the reason it worked for dmc, it was positive and it was good. we didn't work with th
of these technologies encourage architects to build taller buildings. engineering and materials science provided a higher quality of steel to build with, and having passenger elevators meant it was the necessary anymore to climb a long flight of stairs to get to the top of the building. the elevator made the upper floors of the building more attractive than they were before. >> here we were at the historic st. francis hotel, which was actually a representation of the evolution of elevators. can you tell us more about san francisco history here at the st. francis? >> sure. st. francis demonstrates well the evolution of elevated technology. and substantially damaged the 1906 earthquake and rebuilt in 1907 or 1908, and extend it again in 1913. then a new tower was added in 1932, so there is all sorts of elevator technology you can see at the st. francis that very much represents the building history of san francisco. >> i understand there is a really old elevator still operating here. >> that is right, the elevator installed in the 1913 expansion. we can go look at that. >> let's go take a look. he
and philosophers-- as we explore the boundaries of religion and metaphysics, of science and spirituality. join me and some really fascinating people as we try to figure out what life's all about and how it can have meaning for each one of us.
minds gathered here in seoul to discuss the future of the molecular sciences on two days after ten we meet with one of the world's most pre eminent tennis to discuss why science matters to all of us stay with us
students add up to an award-winning science project. veronique has the buzz. >> i have lived in jersey city for 14 years now, and i used to walk by these stone walls and wonder, "what's in there? why is it so important?" >> it was very important back a long time ago. for more than 100 years, reservoir number 3 provided drinking water to the town, but when it was no longer needed, it fell into disrepair. >> and the reservoir is, like, an abandoned place, and nobody really goes there. >> one of the reasons why people avoid the area is that it's infested with mosquitos, and the mosquitos were spreading, causing problems in the community. >> and what we found were mosquitos were breeding in trash cans around the reservoir. and we documented that, and we started thinking, "what can we do?" >> they came up with a simple plan with a simple name... >> water collects in trash cans like this one, and mosquitos lay their eggs in the water. in order to get rid of the mosquitos, we have to get rid of the water. so, we collect trash cans, we see if there's water in them, and we put a hole in it. [ drill
called the whispering >>> strange new science exhibit is bringing strangers together on san francisco's busy market street. it's called the whispering dishes. you can use your inside voice on a decidedly outdoor location. that's the science behind the $80,000 exhibit put together with grants and private funds. the exploratorium put out the exhibit to show how science and art can mix hoping that people will too. more exhibits are expected to roll out in the next few weeks. >>> i can't whisper this weather news. i have to somehow it: rain is coming! >> from the top of the highest rooftops you can find. >> make sure it's not a leaky rooftop. >> we'll find out next week. roofers will be busy this time next week. we are going to talk about what to expect coming up in a second but first i want to show you beautiful pictures from outside which will show you a spectacular post sunset for you. over the city of san francisco, look at the colors of the sky. 72 in the city today. another picture i wanted to show you. you may not need a jacket this evening. oakland 71 right now. livermore 71. san
replace the tools and supplies. >>> today at&t park will be transformed into a science wonder land for the bay area science festival. people will explore interactive wonders of science and technology. it will feature a robot zoo, experiments and other activities for people of all ages. runs from 11:00 to 4:00 and it is free. ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, an east bay city installing cameras everywhere to keep track of everyone going in and coming out. and a live look outside right now from our hd roof cam. you can see the bay bridge there in the background and the bay lights still on this morning. we get them for a few extra hours until 7:30. that's nice. you look at the ferry building in thefer ground, it's municipal railway heritage weekend. they will run vintage motor and trolley bus this is morning. hop on. something fun this morning. lisa will be along shortly about behaves like the surface of your skin. now watch what soap does to it. ♪ soap strips your skin. dove is different. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove doesn't strip your skin like soap. discover nexxus hy
is racist now? if there is anything worse than bad science, it's really badst science. you make bad science by using your academic perch to pushsc ideological stereo types.m what do you expect? they're probably in the kkk. >> whatever. that was a very, very goodoo monologue. >> thank you. >> you say that like it surprising. >> what else? you're. right. there is no arguing with that. >> wait a second. who said he was a right? first of all, i happen to agree that on the big points you were right. by wait, i'm so glad to hear you guys agreeing that black people are most likely to kill blacklea people. white people most likely to dile white people. oh, no. let me -- >> on this show, we deal in facts. >> we have to worry about the black people. they're very scary. >> who said that? >> you shouldn't have told my wife that. but anyway, this business about who is most likely to own a gun, according to alt polls, it is a white man in america, even a white southern >> most likely?ly >> most likely, highest percentage of gun ownership.hat' >> but so?e >> you're not making the correlation. >> th
this one. the artifacts pharmaceuticals exploded next to the blacksmith institute of science in which israel has developed just such a universal flu vaccine flu vaccines till now can target only a few strings of pirates so each year scientists must try to predict the strains that will appear in the upcoming winter season it's saying this every year to all who looted from the front is that not since the fall accidents in which they still aren't as we read about then again if this means that we could all be down to sixty seventy s so that we didn't use it to turn this into clean. totally sterile environment the technician is preparing the back seats that will soon be used in the first clinical trials in humans into tv spots. i've been getting from what they. i think that would be into it that way. then the participants' blood samples will be brought back to display any antibodies in it tested. the body can recover the difference when the input of the virus if they do. oh and my pride even though the effect is perfect. but will the vaccine be affected. against the notorious deviant flu
that will pave the way for a new glass structure in the west guard of the academy and sciences in golden state park. once completed it will replace the tent that is below the sculpture that you can't even see right now. the structure will provide it's guest with additional cafe to the existing food services. the structure has the option of opening it's covers when weather permits and closing when it does not. we'll be able toen jo i the facility year-round. halloween is coming up on thursday, there is a number of fun events and some healthy food events and other events in the richmond district and throughout the city. tonight, tomorrow night and in the mission district at the balboa theatre will be showing spooky theatres and tomorrow it's bob wilkins creature feature. on halloween morning many of us will be joined by families starting off work with a bike ride, a scary bike ride to the civic center and beyond. i will be on my bike with my costume as well. we'll start at 3 avenue. join us at 730 in the morning. bring your costumes and you get coffee drinks if you join us. lastly between 2-6 he
is showing real-time impact. >> can science prevent concussions? >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it. >> while you were asleep, news was happening. >> here are the stories we're following. >> find out what happened and what to expect. >> international outrage. >> a day of political posturing. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. >> tell us exactly what is behind this story. >> from more sources around the world. >> the situation has intensified here at the boarder. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america. >> throughout our reporting about campus rape we have haerdd the anguish not just about the sexual assault but that the victim was asking for it. that she was putting herself in a vulnerable position and she was s some how at fall. >> in my freshman year i was at a party and it was my second yeatime drinking in all of my le of. >> i had a lot of shots, over seven. >> and i was very, very drink. - drunk and ottawas abou it was ae two men started p
will be there for the bird science database called e go bird and sports the positive change in the community as well as the initiative in our district on friday on the corner of cargo way and linda will bring some you dirt. i'll be up until the time only my ruining shoes running for money dubbed howling moon students have been training and it combines healthy activity with supporting their school on sunder this sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the presidio edge who wants to join us. the children's fund and public education enrichment you fund b will soon expire. mar ed lee and i are asking for the shaping of the events. we want to know what it will take for our children and youth are there smarter efficient ways that can together help our kids to success. please coupling come to one of the meetings. we have available this evening this flier i'll show to everyone that lists all the dates and the dates i'm about to read are on www daughter uc sf c we'll be in the western edition in the fillmore from 530 to 8:30 and it will be for the western fillmore community at the african-american cult confli
science prevent concussions? >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it. >> a final farewell for an american space hero. family and dignitaries will pay their respects to scott carpenter in colorado today. carpenter died october 10th at the age of 88. a public service will follow a private family funeral. he was the second astronaut to orbit the earth after john glenn. glenn is expected to speak at his memorial services. >>> tear gas is raining down. the government has promised increases of more than $4 billion next year to reduce the national deficit. we're at the protest in france. >> reporter: several thousand people here in northwest france, they are furious about this so-called ecotax that their president, president hollande, wants to introduce. he has already backtracked slightly. he said he'll suspend it for more talks. but the people here want it scrapped all together. they say it will jeopardize their lively audiihoods. the area has been hit hard by factory closures, mainly in the food process business. they say they've been under cut where in the european u
shows us california's hi tech grapes - how science can achieve perfection in a glass. i'm phil torres. i'm an
science prevent concussions? >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it. what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >> they share it on the stream. >> social media isn't an after-thought, it drives discussion across america. >> al jazeera america's social media community, on tv and online. >> this is your outlet for those conversations. >> post, upload and interact. >> every night share undiscovered stories. >> in many ways, the nsa surveillance story can seem abstract. in the stream of new revelations from the snowden documents, it can be hard to grasp. sure, the government is collecting information, but what does that really mean for someone's life? to find out, we went to a meet a group of people who definitely know they're being spied on. >> after 9/11 it wasn't just the nsa that increased surveillance on u.s. citizens. here at the city level in new york, the nypd actually brought in two senior officials from the cia to help run a program to spy on its own citizens. >> the program, which was uncovered by the associated press, is targ
scienc scientists te scientists who think they will help the nfl and say look you have this problem that brain damage can be caused by playing in the nfl instead of embracing those guys, the nfl is mocking them, attacking them and trying to deny their very existence in some ways and create their own research arm and that research arm basically puts out paper after paper and a journal coopted by the league itself. >> stewart: right. >> and the papers say, nfl players are fine, like concussions are not a big issue, we don't have a problem with this and you guys are going to be cool. >> stewart: meanwhile, players continue to suffer terrible effects of these concussions, and after passing away, at much earlier ages when they do the, they find this ct. >> right, chronic encephalopathy, this terrible brain disease called by playing the game. right. >> i mean there are several stories in the book about, one guy for example, dave door son who played for years for the chicago bears, one of the greatest players, really hard hitter and dorson was one of the deniers and spent years saying this
science, it's really bad science. but what do you expect from these guys? they're probably in the -- >> um -- >> yeah, whatever. >> you know, that was a very, very good monologue. >> oh, thank you. you say that it's like surprising. >> it was so good. what else? there's no arguing with that. >> wait a second. what said he was right? on the big points, you were right. by the way, i'm so flat to hear you guys agreeing that black people are more likely to kill black people. white people are more likely to kill white people. let me tell you -- >> on this show, we have facts. >> we got to worry about these black people, they're very scary. >> who said that? >> you shouldn't have told my wife that. anyway, anyway, this business about who's most likely to own a gun, according to all opposed, it is a white man, even a white southern man. >> most likely, more whites own guns -- >> legally own guns. >> most likely. highest percentage of gun ownership. >> all right, could the -- >> but that's -- so? >> so what? >> but you're making -- you're not making a point. >> correlation. >> it's a correlation.
need to make an equal commitment to help education infrastructure and science investments that will secure our future. those agree areas -- taxes, the question of better care and lower cost through medicare reforms and budget fairness strike me as three areas where we can, as colleagues have side, come together and find common ground. i look forward to working with all of you to do that. >> thank you. mr. clyburn. >> the task of this committee is to an agreement budget. while it would've been prudent to have these negotiations last summer, i am pleased that we are now beginning these important discussions. we must address the automatic spending cuts that are hurting our economy and undercutting important priorities like education, medical research, and national security. but we must put our nation's fiscal house in order and reduce our debt to a manageable level. there are different ways to do this. some are better than others. on the graph you see on the screens, there are two lines. the red line tops the deficit over the past six years. the blue line charts the -- the re
were a christian science and you led a corporation -- if you were christian scientist and you led a corporation, you could insist that your employees get health coverage that covers nothing? >> yeah. i mean, i think it's quite clear that the slippery slope that says that if the corporations owners, assuming that there's all of the owners are in perfect religious alignment themselves but if their religious views can sort of be imported on to this corporation and then ripple down to effect decisions about everyone who works for the corporation regardless of their religious conscience preferences, then, yeah, i think the slippery slope goes exactly the way that you pause it. and one of the things that's so strange about the janice rogers brown opinion that comes out of d.c. today is that it's almost just a given to her that corporations can have -- can be effectively people under the religious freedom act that is being invoked here. so it's almost as though, well, if they had speech rights, i guess they can have a religious conscience too. and we can talk about it like it's wacky, bu
to hit the pentagon and the domestic programs. >>> today at&t park will be transformed into a science wonderland. more than 30,000 people are expected to flood the field to explore interactive wonders of science and technology. the event will feature a robot zoo, experiments and other activities from people of all ages. it runs from 11:00 until 4:00 and it is free. >>> still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, an east bay city installing cameras everywhere to keep track of everyone oing in and out. and taking a live look from so tro tower -- from s to ro tower on this soggy morning, a tiny bit of the san francisco sky lean you can see there. lisa argen will have your to those who've been waiting for health insurance... welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at security, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand. 8:40 on the west coast. you
-time impact. >> can science prevent concussions? >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it. >> a senator under investigation and only al jazeera america is there. uncovering the corruption opening the files... >> are you going to resign if your're indicted? >> breaking the story real reporting, this is what we do... al jazeera america >> a new name and television drama are breathing new life in a small town in new york city. the small village of of sleepy hollow is brimming with tourists. >> the year was 1996 general motors closed down their plant. and the town decided to change their name to sleepy hollow. >> thevill village is trying tow cover from the hit and not only the tax revenue that general motors brought in. the reason to change the name to sheeplsleepily hollow was to brn people to the downtown. >> the name change was a draw. the story "the legend of sleepy hollow" flocked to the town to see where ichabod crane was memorialized th the sleepily lie town could not imagine that it could gain such a prominent place on maps as it did in september. >> probably close t
to get packing. he paid the price and is now studying computer science soon he'll be back in full a job that he would be toking to the government's thinking that i'm only buying one. i have ethical principles and try to take on vintage ago ex tigers. still what people would still have the receipt of time in states with the committee agendas. they should be trying to improve its security footage was trying to hop off the streets to greet us. the wa based on and tied it at my fix and are planning to get cca to the clinic since they didn't think to how pray tell the hurricane. but the revelations that united to a tee with it unfolds in mind that they did that but since this is that if he doesn't exactly have the best reputation of the mavens of many. what national security have become come to that sweater. even for the loss of innocent kids inside his head in the process. it's quite difficult to bite the issue of national security especially when national security since he still often infringe on basic civil liberty. all the mundane to me today about persons are fit to fly toward would jus
challenges and having this information from all these collared animals helps us bring science to help deal with these management problems. >> thes have puma project is -- the santa cruz puma project is still tracking 18 other mountain lions. >>> jobs, trade and development coming to a long quiet corner of oakland. this afternoon governor jerry brown joined other dignitaries to break ground on a $1 billion cargo hub at the former oakland army base base. the project will include a railyard. the money comes from state and federal sources. state one should take five years to complete. >>> workers at university of california may soon be walking a picket line. afscme voted overwhelmly to authorize a strike over what they call up fair labor practices. the union claims there have been several incidents of managers threatening to discipline workers who exercise collective bargaining rights. uc denies the allegations. >>> a tough new smoking badge takes effect in one part of the bay area and it's sparking a backlash already. critics say the new rules are beyond unfair. >> reporter: we're in crocket
, this project is taken on greater meaning says university of san francisco political science professor corey cook. >> on the one hand it's a small issue on a small plot of land but it's really emerging a bigger more complex question about the economic growth in the city and future of housing in the sit the. >> reporter: adding to the intensity of the debate cook adds is location. a san francisco waterfront many see as the city's backyard. >> the waterfront is the jell of the city and a lot of people view this as a neighborhood. >> reporter: opponents put property c on the ballot as a referendum and supporters responded with their own ballot measure prop b. turn out is likely to be low but san francisco people we talked to seem to be paying attention. judith would like to see a different development there. >> more affordable. >> i think it's a smart development for the city and help bring in revenue and it will provide parking. >> reporter: if either prop b or c pass, the project moves forward. if they both fail, city planners will go back to the drawing board. >> and those themes being playe
is that this is not rocket science. there are companies such as health insurance that have been selling insurance over the internet for ten years successfully, but the government cannot seem to do it. gerri: here are some war room nos from the day after the launch. ongoing problems in my capacity and the website, director roman not working, viejo system not connecting, experience, one of the ig groups, creating confusion with credit check information. on and on the goes. six enrollments have occurred. the problem seems enormous degrees today at the white house did it white house spokesman could not even explained if that enrollment figure was correct. they're grappling with the "tru unsuccessfully. >> the number probably is not correct. but so what if it is in our 15? it is still a complete failure. the fact is that they have a problem and they don't want to admit it. this is just a front end of the problem. this is the problem that the consumers are facing. what about the insurance companies that are getting that information? it is terrible. gerri: allow the bottleneck, is not to get on to the system
mean for you. >>> plus, what we'd like to call smart science. three tricks to help you run better. >>> but, first -- we've been investigating the impact that prescription drug overdoses in america for some time on this program. as you may know, someone dies every 19 minutes in this country because of such an overdose. and today i want to talk about a medicine that some people say could help stop this epidemic, but only if we get it in the hands of more people, not just doctors, but average people as well. now, look, it's controversial. but you're about to see this incredible video showing how it might work. what you're looking at is pretty shocking. a heroin addict overdosing. her name is liz. she's been using drugs since she was 11. today she's 29. adam wigglesworth and louise vincent were both with her that night in august. they both volunteer with a program in greensboro, north carolina, that provides clean needles and other assistance to addicts. >> she seemed to be pretty unresponsive and we noticed a blueing of the lips and lack of oxygen and her breathing became quite shall
it's closer to the earth. as we learn in science class, the moon's orbit is not a perfect circle -- more like an oval. so as the moon travels, it actually moves closer or farther from the earth. the closest point is the perigee. the furthest is the apogee, so when a perigee moon rises, it's 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the other full moons, unless it's a cloudy night. >> "teen kids news" got a chance to visit the culinary institute of america and get some recipes and cooking tips. here's a taste of what we learned. >> when you get home from school, you're always looking for an afternoon snack. i'm gonna show you how to make a frozen peach smoothie that will boost your energy for your homework and your sports. the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna take ice, and we're gonna put it in the bottom of our blender. next, we're gonna take our fresh fruit. i have two sliced bananas. make sure we get all of that. and i have some canned peaches. next i'm gonna add my liquids. i have some low-fat yogurt here. and i like to use yogurt instead of ice cream to make it a little bit m
retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. the deep sweep power brush by oral-b for the first time. wow. it's "wow," you know? wow. wow. that feels "wow." [ male announcer ] oral-b deep sweep, featuring 3 cleaning zones with dynamic power bristles that reach deep between teeth to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. it seems like it gets more to areas of your mouth that you can't reach with a regular toothbrush. [ male announcer ] guaranteed "wow" with deep sweep from oral-b. #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide. >>> as we mentioned earlier, the tsa officer murdered today is the first employee of that agency to be killed in the line of duty. the tsa was created obviously in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. our national security correspondent jim sciutto is in washington tonight. jim is there any indication at all connection to any international terrorist group? i've heard of none at this point. >> reporter: i have been in touch with the national counterterrorism center. they see no indicat
of the leadership of the dsm free and 3 are, former chair of psychiatry and behavioral science at the school of medicine at duke and lives in california. what part? >> san diego. >> nice. today he will be talking about his latest book, the heaviest of the psychiatric diagnosis, dsm-5, big pharma, and the medicalization of everyday life". is that what psychiatric diagnosis, dsm-5, big pharma, and the medicalization of everyday life". among many issues tackled in allen frances's text one of the most profound underscore is the politics and economics of diagnosis. please welcome allen frances. >> i am a schmooze their. i have been worried about the current situation in mental health in america and only slightly hopeful about future prognosis. we have become law pill popping society and the wrong people getting the pills. the people who need the pills are not getting them. the people who shouldn't be taking the pills are. the statistics are astounding. 20% of the population takes a psychiatric medication. 20%. anti-depressants 11% of the population and among women over 40, a quarter of women repo
in the 2003 best american science and nature writing series and he is co-founder of the san francisco writers grotto a work list for poets and journalists. today he is sharing his most recent look, "crazy like us" the globalization of the american psyche. watters suggests america's homogenizing matches the categorization and the treatment of the mentally ill but perhaps more importantly the subjective experience of being mentally ill. for me this book? wide open western imperialism in regards to the american diagnoses in the form of apology. according to watters with little appreciation of the difference between mind and body we continue our efforts to convince the rest of the world to think like us end quote. perhaps it's time we think our generosity indeed. please join me in welcoming ethan watters. [applause] >> thank you so much. one of the joys of finding the book is you get to go around and have conversations and i'm looking forward to being on the panel with allen and kenneth. i respect their work rightly. of course you are not really certain what kinds of conversations the book to get
. having this information from all these collared animals helps us bring science to help deal with the management problems. >> reporter: his six month journey showed why they end up near cities, including boulder creek. it was too young to move into the older lions territory. it's too bad they couldn't have tracked it into adulthood. >> it was an interesting case because of how he was caught and how he started his life. it was his life on his own in a city. so i think maybe it's not a loss of information but actually further proof of the dangers that happen when lions are exposed heavily to human development. >> reporter: the puma project is tracking 18 other mountain lions. 39 ms loss was upset by the unusual capture of three others recently in one week. live in the santa cruz mountains, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> getting into the holiday spirit ahead of schedule. the reason retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season whether shoppers are ready or not. >>> a new street drug. cheaper than heroin. why addicts say beware. >>> why a recent report of a win
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